I own 3 storage properties (2 in one state and the other in another state over 100 miles away)and work a full-time job about 100 miles in another direction; with all my travelling I sometimes feel like I get behind the 8-ball. That is where I was on my taxes when I contacted Jerry to prepare them. It is not a good practice to be at the last minute and needing to have your taxes prepared, but Jerry met the deadline with exceptional professionalism. I am located approximately 2,500 miles across th…
Donnie Christian Bristol, Tennessee and Virginia

Looking for a Tax Advisor for Your Self-Storage Facility?

What is your professional experience within the Self-Storage Industry?

I have 35+ years of experience as a tax and business advisor, I have been working with Self-Storage clients for the past 25+ years.

Who will I be working with?

You will be dealing directly with me, Jerry Jones, CPA, I do all my own work, answer my own phone and open my own mail.

What are your fees?

Call me and let’s talk.  I customize my services to your specific needs.

Can I have references?

I have various Self-Storage facility owners that would be happy to talk to you.

Where are you located, can you work in my state?

It does not matter where my clients are, I can practice in all states and with email, my portal and phone, I am just a phone call or email away.  I currently have clients in South Dakota, Tennessee and Virginia that I have never even met.

Jerry Jones, CPA Tax Planner with Client

Jerry Jones, CPA Has Been Working With Self-Storage Facilities For the Past 25+ Years

Jerry brings to the table a tax, accounting and financial background to help self-storage facilities in a multitude of ways. Jerry Jones has designed monthly management reports to help the owners of facilities to get a better handle on their cash flow and expense analysis. These reports consist of, but are not limited to; monthly/annual to date comparative statements with prior year, 13 month cash flow statement used for seasonal comparisons, to facilitate cash flow management and for multiple facilities comparative statements and year to date combined statements. 3-5 year annual comparative statements by facility.

The Self-Storage CPA works closely with the property managers to ensure proper bookkeeping procedures are being followed. He understands the ins and outs of limited partnerships, LLC’s and other forms of business ownership to help the owner decide which entity is best for his facility. Jerry Jones, CPA does all his own work and can prepare tax returns for all states. Jerry gives his self-storage clients top priority during tax season to ensure that all returns are done and all K-1’s have been mailed to the partners/members by no later than March 15th each year.

As One of Jerry Jones Self-Storage Clients States 

Jerry Jones, CPA - Self Storage CPA
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